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March 4, 2010
Some think it is "ridiculous" that Cops can't use steroids!

I am often asked why the police don’t do more to combat the use of illegal steroids by our kids.  Surprisingly, one of the reasons just may be that cops are one of the “typical” user groups of these illegals substances.  I often hear the kids tell stories of cops and firefighters working out at the gym that are known to be using steroids. How can we expect our law enforcement officers to be taking this issue seriously with our kids if they themselves are violating the law by using these drugs? Don

Doctor: Cops and “Roid Rage” Don’t Mix


The NYPD has issued a memo forbidding its officers from using anabolic steroids as well as 21 legal and widely available supplements at the risk of “disciplinary action” [Pdf]. Many products on the list are used to build muscle and lose weight, reports MYFOXNY. We want our cops lean and strong, so what’s the problem?

According to a sports medicine expert at Beth Israel steroids, as well as some over-the-counter supplements that mimic their effects, can cause a phenomenon called “roid rage.” (Remember theHell’s Kitchen boyfriend killer?) “The last thing you want a police officer having is a rage effect from a steroid that’s out of their control because they may have innocently taken a supplement to work out and feel good,” said the MD. There’s another issue too: the supplements sometimes cause “false positives,” so police could claim they were taking over-the-counter pills if pee tests showed they’d been using steroids.

Still, one retired police officer doesn’t like the rule one bit, since for cops, bearing bulk is a part of the job. “I don’t think it’s fair to police that are trying to maintain a certain size to protect himself and his partner and the people,” he said, adding that, “This is over the line, this is ridiculous.”