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December 14, 2012
Smuggling steroids in underpants
TWO men have been fined a total of $19,000 for illegally importing performance and body-enhancing steroids into Sydney in their underpants. They were found to have more than 2900 tablets concealed in their briefs when Customs and Border Protection officers searched them as they returned from Thailand in April. One of the men, who are both aged 21 and from Sydney, also had an illegal laser pointer hidden in his luggage, the officers found. Tony McSweeney, NSW director of investigations at Customs and Border Protection, said it was not worth trying to import steroids without a permit. “Some people think that these drugs will enhance their physical appearance, but being arrested and fined $19,000 doesn’t make you look good,” he said. The two men faced separate hearings at Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court this week and were convicted for importing prohibited items and making false statements, Customs said.