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June 13, 2016
Shocking Transformation Of Women Who Took Steroids
Monica Mollica
Drugs can ruin lives and have a life-changing effect on humans. Yet even after knowing the ill effects of drugs and steroids, we often see more and more people getting trapped into this dangerous practice.
Candice Armstrong
Generally, intake of drugs starts off as a fun task for experience, but the person would never know when he/she is getting addicted to it. There are so many sports persons who have ruined their career due to the overuse of drugs.
Denise Rutkowski
In this article, we’ve shared stories about some of the famous women who’ve shocked the world with their sudden change in physique and even to the extent of sexuality. From gaining muscles to developing a penis, these women have gone through the worst effects of taking an excessive amount of steroids.
Joanna Clare Thomas
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