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January 5, 2010
Shirtless Tiger Woods photos may fuel steroid speculations

Rather than jumping into the to and fro on this topic by speculating, let’s read what others are speculating about on this topic. Don

Shirtless Tiger Woods photos may fuel steroid speculations 1/5/2010, Primewriter.com tiger woods

In the new February 2010 issue of Vanity Fair, a buff, Tiger Woods is seen on the cover, shirtless and with well defined abs. The issue will be available nationwide on January 12, 2010.

The photo reveals Tiger holding dumbbells and the photo shoot was meant to portray the athlete's strength and determination. Unfortunately, the photos might cause more speculation that the athlete has been using steroids.

The rumors were also fueled by Los Angeles Times Sports Columnist Bill Plaschke suspicions that Tiger might be guilty of doping.  Plaschke first made the allegations approximately two years ago and stated that he felt that Tiger Woods looked like Barry Bonds from the back.

He said that his neck was oddly wide and his shoulders were 'absurdly' broad. He even described the golfer as 'busting' out of a tight shirt. Though many have wondered if Tiger was using steroids, the rumors have not been confirmed. However, many have stated that Tiger's physique is not what they expect a golfer to look like. There is no doubt that as the Vanity Fair photos stir up controversy regarding Tiger's image as a 'bad boy,' they will also stir controversy regarding whether or not Tiger is guilty of using steroids to get his buff physique.

Bill Plaschke spoke of the link between Tiger Woods and Dr. Anthony Galea who is being investigated for providing athletes with performance enhancing drugs and supplements. He said, "The report that links Woods with a doctor who promotes human growth hormone would have been silly two months ago but makes scary sense today."