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September 3, 2009
Sengoku Steroid Championship Bad for Mixed Martial Arts

Steroid use permeats many sports. Mixed Martial Arts is certainly not an exception!

As stated in this article, the author is concerned that MMA is thought of as “Steroid-fueled monsters covered in blood pummel each other until their faces are unrecognizable. How is this savagery considered a sport?”



In a recent interview with Tatame, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva stated that should he emerge victorious from his fight at the upcoming Sengoku 10th Battle with “Big” Jim York, a bout with Josh Barnett for the vacant Sengoku Heavyweight title would take place in November.

Nothing like rewarding steroid users with championship belts and a place to fight when they can’t make a living in North America…

While the casual fan may not pay any attention to what takes place in MMA organizations across the Pacific, you can be certain that opponents to the sport will certainly take notice and have something to say about this, and so should those who are passionate about the sport.