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March 24, 2015
Royal Marine beat girlfriend repeatedly. Was it due to steroids?
A ROYAL MARINE commando has admitted beating and threatening his girlfriend after taking a steroid which is normally given to cattle. Bobby Burnett, aged 30, repeatedly threatened or used violence against ex partner Samantha Chudley during a two year relationship. His behaviour may have been linked to his use of the steroid, for which he tested positive in a random Marines screening shortly before Christmas. He had previously denied ever using steroids, even though the victim had described him becoming aggressive and violent when taking the illegal body building drugs. Burnett, who was based at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, but has now been discharged from the Marines, admitted making threats to kill between July 31 and September 1 last year. He also admitted putting Miss Chudley in fear of violence by a course of harassment between July 31, 2012 and August 13, 2014. Recorder Andrew Maitland adjourned his case for a probation report and warned him that all sentencing options remain open. He said: “It seems to be in a case of domestic violence drink and drugs are capable of being an aggravating factor. I have read details in the papers of steroid use and aggression. It seems steroids may be rather relevant to this case. “There would seem to have been use of steroids throughout a great part of the two years of the relationship.” Emily Pitts, for the prosecution, said Burnett’s plea to the harassment charge incorporated an admission to a number of assaults on Miss Chudley. She passed the judge a bundle of photographs of her injuries, including a small cut caused by a piece of crockery and bruising which was seen and photographed by workmates. She said: “The prosecution would point to a number of aggravating features. There is the controlling nature of the relationship, the fact he was manipulating a vulnerable person and isolating her from her friends and family. “She was embarrassed and ashamed and tried to hide what was happening. “Miss Chudley told the police she believed he was using a steroid intended for horses but it was in fact one used on cattle. It was a veterinary steroid.” Barry White, for the defence, said Burnett is no longer in the Royal Marines and has spent the equivalent of five months in custody and is keen to know his fate. Read more at http://www.northdevonjournal.co.uk/Lympstone-Royal-Marine-beat-girlfriend-repeatedly/story-26217609-detail/story.html#S5PHeQgFJgYrZgu3.99