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April 30, 2014
Ronda Rousey Calls Cyborg An ‘It'
Cris Cyborg
In a recent interview with Yahoo Sports, Ronda Rousey made an alleged homophobic/transphobic comment about Cris Cyborg, calling her an ‘it’ rather than a woman. “This girl has been on steroids for so long and [has been] injecting herself for so long that she’s not even a woman anymore,” Rousey was quoted as saying. “She’s an ‘it.’” Although Rousey’s comment has caused quite a stir, UFC president Dana White says that he doesn’t believe Rousey meant the comment the way that everybody took it. “She’s not a transgender fighter,” White. “She’s a woman. What Ronda is saying is [Cyborg has] taken so many drugs, she’s probably not a woman anymore. She’s not a transgender fighter. She didn’t have a surgery. She called [Cyborg] an ‘it,’” White continued. “[Cyborg] calls Ronda a chicken. Is Ronda a chicken? Should Ronda be offended by being called a chicken? Grow the f*** up, everybody.” Cyborg tested positive for steroids in 2009, but has since been clean. White explained that all fighters talk about one another, and even admitted to trash talking Cyborg himself. “I said when I saw her at the MMA Awards, she looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels,” White admitted. “And she did. Did she not? Who wants to dispute that she didn’t look like Wanderlei? [She was] jacked up on steroids beyond belief and looked like Wanderlei Silva.” White has no intentions of signing Cyborg in the UFC as of now, but did say it could possibly happen in the future. He is hesitant due to her past performances and her use of steroids. “She’s a nightmare in every way shape and form to bring in as a professional athlete in an organization like this,” White said, and then added, “I’m not saying it could never be done.” Rousey’s next fight will be against Alexis Davis in Las Vegas on July 5. http://www.webpronews.com/ronda-rousey-calls-cyborg-an-it-2014-04?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+webpronews%2Fall+(WebProNews%3A+Index+Feed)