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July 25, 2014
'Roid rage results in violent attack on family
Blackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates’ Court
Two police officers have been commended for the way they handled an incident where a man on steroids launched a rage attack on his family. Brendan Roberts, who took the drugs in order to look good at the beach and pool, punched his partner in the face, used his baby as a human shield and left the whole family petrified. The two officers called the the scene – PCs Jennifer Wilson and Andrew Cox – found a scene of chaos with the three children petrified and screaming hysterically. Roberts refused to calm down and even struggled with the officers after they were forced to use a stungun on him. Roberts, 36, formerly of Scorton Avenue, Layton, now living at Chesterfield Road, North Shore, pleaded guilty to assault and obstructing police. He was sentenced to eight weeks’ jail suspended for 12 months, put on one year’s supervision and ordered to pay £85 costs plus £80 victims’ surcharge by Blackpool magistrates. Presiding magistrate, Charles Tracey, said: “These were very serious offences, committed in front of children and with a baby used as cover. “The bench would like to commend the two police officers involved for the extremely professional way in which they dealt with this matter.” Pam Smith, prosecuting, said Roberts, who had been drinking, was described by his partner as becoming argumentative and paranoid on June 16 about midnight. He punched his partner on the side of the face, causing it to swell. The couple’s three children were present during the attack at the family home in Scorton Avenue, Layton. When officers arrived, Roberts was yelling and the petrified children were screaming hysterically. Roberts grabbed the baby, used the child as a shield and refused to hand the youngster over to police. He then gave the baby back to one of the other youngsters and tried to hide behind the children to shield himself from the police. He was tasered before he could hide and fell to the floor. Steven Townley, defending, said: “The background to all this is the family was going on holiday. “He wanted to look good at the beach and pool, so he took steroids.” Roberts had not drunk alcohol with the steroids until the date of the offences and because of mixing the two he had little recollection of what happened that night. He hoped and wanted his relationship with his partner to continue. http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/crime/rage-attack-police-are-hailed-1-6746165