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March 30, 2012
Roid Rage: It's real!
We continue to be vilified for having the nerve to suggest that ‘roid rage is a real side effect of steroid use, even though we saw this phenomenon with our own eyes in our on home. Here is another in a series of stories about steroid users who committed violent acts.  Then, of their own volition, they have recognized the connection between these drugs and their bad behavior. Don

A MOTORIST who hit another driver in a road rage attack blamed it on the effect steroids had on his temper.

Michael Barton had overtaken Paul Gard in his black Volkswagen Golf on Havant Road, Horndean, then quickly pulled back in front of him because another car was coming the other way.

Once he got in front of Mr Gard's Ford Fiesta Barton had to brake suddenly - so the 50-year-old flashed him.

Furious that someone had flashed him, Barton stopped his car, trapping Mr Gard and his wife, and jumped out.

He punched the wing mirror off the couple's Fiesta then reached through the window and punched Mr Gard in the face.

His wife desperately dialed 999 on her mobile as Barton calmly walked back to his car and drove off.

Michael Williams, defending, said the 21-year-old, who has a two-year-old son, had been taking steroids to bulk himself up which affected his temper.

'Certainly Mr Barton suffered from a short temper,' he said.

'Steroids affect people's temperament, they increase testosterone.'

He added: 'His reaction was totally over the top.'

Barton, who has previous convictions for criminal damage and domestic violence, pleaded guilty to common assault, criminal damage and driving without due care and attention following the assault in September last year.

Sentencing him at Portsmouth Crown Court Deputy Circuit Judge Patrick Hooton said: 'I don't know whether the steroids were having an effect on you or what but you must have been absolutely mad.

'It's incredibly offensive to hit another motorist just because you think they have slighted you.

'It was utterly disgraceful and you ought to go to prison for this.

'The fact is you do have a job and it's the only thing that has kept you going.You have just about scraped by but it's not by much.

'If you jump out of your car and have a go at someone else you will go down the steps.'

Mr Gard, from Waterlooville, was left with bruising to his cheek and eye socket.

The judge ordered Barton to pay him £500 in compensation and £277 for the damage to the car. Barton was given a six-month jail sentence suspended for a year and had nine points added to his licence.