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April 27, 2015
Rockdale County Sheriff's Office deputy terminated, four resign amid allegations of steroid use

A Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office deputy was terminated this week and four more resigned, with one being arrested by the GBI, amid an internal investigation into alleged use of anabolic steroids.

According to Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett, someone contacted him in September to lodge a formal complaint about alleged improper activities of a certified deputy in the Rockdale County Jail.

The Sheriff said Friday that the complaint was turned over to the Office of Professional Standards, which discovered some of the alleged activities may have been illegal, so the matter was turned over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The GBI recently contacted the Sheriff’s Office to provide an update of the investigation, which launched an internal investigation into alleged activities of four other deputies, some of whom worked on the RCSO Drug Interdiction Unit.

As a result of that internal investigation, Deputy Jason Heyman was found to be in violation of several RCSO policies, including the duty of an officer to abide by all laws and orders, the duty to refrain from disclosing any information regarding law enforcement activities, insubordination, and possession and or use of a controlled substance.

Specifically, Levett said, Heyman admitted to purchasing, possessing and using testosterone, an anabolic steroid, which is a Schedule III controlled substance.

Heyman was terminated Tuesday, April 21, from the Sheriff’s Office.

Internal investigations into whether they, too, violated the RCSO code of conduct regarding use of the controlled substance were also opened against the jail deputy, Christopher Speyer, and three other deputies, Sgt. Bob Cooley, Deputy Jason Payne and Sgt. Larry Reed. The four resigned this week before the investigations were complete.

Levett stressed that due to their resignations it was never determined whether the allegations were founded.

However, Speyer was arrested Wednesday by the GBI on charges of making false statements or writings.

Levett said the resignations and terminations were very disappointing and hurtful.

“I am more hurt than disappointed because I have known three of these deputies for a long time. They are very intelligent and professional, moving up in rank and in their careers, with longstanding ties to this community,” he said. “I am sure they are affected like we are affected.”

Levett added that like all people, law enforcement officers make mistakes.

“But we are expected to hold ourselves to higher standards and sometimes we fall from those standards,” he said.