August 6, 2019
Rhonda Balsamello
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My wife had bulked up for a Shidokan fight bccause she thought she was going to be matched with a girl that was 6” taller and about 40lbs heavier than her.

After the fight, she began to cut weight for her next match. We didn’t lift weights so no pre-workouts, but she was using two highly-rated stimulants/fat burners to aid in the cut. 6 weeks later at just 40 years old and perfectly healthy, she was gone. Always had perfect BP, HR, and labs. Complete physical 2 months prior came back perfect. The responding officer and M.E. Investigator saw the OTC bottles and just looked at each other then me. They said you’d be shocked how many calls they go on just like that one where they see extremely healthy people dead and the only things they were taking were energy drinks, pre-workouts, and/or OTC fat burners. Although too late to change my situation, I’m grateful to see people out there raising awareness and sharing such important information. Thank you to the people posting their tragic stories. I know it’s not easy. Posted with permission from husband Vinny Balsamello