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October 29, 2018
Pro-Trump mail bomb suspect was a stripper and a 'big meathead' with a 'dangerous' steroid problem

Pro-Trump mail bomb suspect was a stripper and a 'big meathead' with a 'dangerous' steroid problem

The Democrat-despising Trump supporter suspected of mailing pipe bombs to 13 of the President’s most prolific critics used to work as a stripper and suffered from severe mood swings as a result of rampant steroid abuse, his former employer and a family friend said Friday.

Cesar Sayoc would dance at strip clubs that primarily attracted female customers, according to Tony Valentine, an event promoter in Ohio.
“Back in the 90s, he danced for some friends of mine,” Valentine told the Daily News in a phone interview. “He ran a show called ‘Girls Night Out.’”
Valentine described Sayoc as a muscle freak who had dreams of becoming a professional bodybuilder.
“He was just a big jarhead, a big meathead,” Valentine said.
Sayoc, 56, also used to manage some female strip clubs in south Florida, according to Valentine, who said he last saw him in West Palm Beach a few years ago.
Ronald Lowy, an attorney and friend of Sayoc’s mother, said the suspected mail bomber used to have a serious problem with steroids, resulting in his being charged with felony possession of the muscle-boosting drugs in 2004.
“He got in a diversion program to hopefully try to get him off steroids,” Lowy, who has represented Sayoc in multiple criminal cases over the years, told The News. “Sadly, it’s our understanding he went back and continued using them. We think that is probably part of the problem. Steroids can create heightened emotions and anger. It’s a very dangerous drug.”
Sayoc’s mom, Madeline Giardiello, a registered Democrat, was heartbroken by the news that her son stands accused of mailing explosives to high-profile Trump critics, including former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.
“She finds all of this so shocking and painful,” Lowy said. “She’s asked me to express her empathy for the victims who had to receive these packages and be in fear. She’s in shock it could have been her son, and if so, she’s deeply regretful.”
Sayoc suffers from mental illness, according to Lowy, and is believed to have lived out of a white van covered in pro-Trump stickers. He used his since-suspended social media accounts to threaten Democratic politicians, peddle racist conspiracy theories and profess his adoration for President Trump. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-news-trump-bomber-stripper-steroid-20181026-story.htm