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November 18, 2013
Podcast: Talking nutrition with Lance Berkman



Podcast Notes:

  1. His dietary habits when he first entered the league
  2. His highest playing weight vs. where he is today
  3. His body transformation and work with trainer Ben Fairchild and how this improved his performance.
  4. Some the challenges you face nutritionally with a long season and does his weight fluctuate during the season
  5. How does he manage to eat healthy when traveling from city to city
  6. The types of food available in the clubhouse for players and do some ballparks have healthier options than others
  7. Does he get hungry during a game, especially one that may go into extra innings? What type of food does he pack (nutrition bars, nuts, or any type of snack to have if needed).
  8. Players he has seen during his career that have terrible eating habits but still go out and go 3 for 4 with 2HR’s and 6 RBI’s
  9. Whether he has any superstitions before a game
  10. Any strange food superstitions from teammates where they must eat the same thing before a game
  11. Any advice to our listeners, especially our young athletes about the importance of nutrition
  12. His plans after baseball