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October 28, 2013
Player: Even Kids know Rafael Nadal is on Steroids
Daniel Köllerer (30) for Swiss daily Blich stated even children are aware that Spanish tennis ace Rafael Nadal is using steroids. “He was not playing tennis for seven months, then shows up and wins on 10 out of 13 tournaments. The Austrian based player stated that even his supposed injury was related to using steroids. “Nadal showed up at the teniis courts when he was 16-17, his legs and neck were as thick as a horse. This should have raised the alarm right away, but nobody from the federation did anything as he got too famous too quickly and it would be bad for the game. Even his supposed recent injury and not playing seven months was related to his steroid usage, every tennis player knows that” concluded Köllerer for Blich. http://macedoniaonline.eu/content/view/23993/25/