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July 20, 2012
Piazza's wife believes Clemens used steroids
NEW YORK (WFAN) - It has been debated ad nauseam since Roger Clemens' infamous bat toss at Mike Piazza in Game 2 of the 2000 World Series: Was it reflex or 'roid rage? The ex-Yankees star, later named in the Mitchell Report, has steadfastly denied using performance enhancing drugs. He was acquitted last month on charges that he lied to Congress in 2008 about his alleged steroid use. Mike Piazza's wife isn't buying it. In a video posted to TMZ.com, Alicia Rickter said she believes Clemens' act was fueled by steroids - and she insisted the former Mets catcher thinks so, too.
Alicia Rickter
"Does he think that Roger Clemens was on 'roids when he broke that bat?" the former Playboy playmate said outside a California restaurant. "Yes! He does think that." Piazza apparently wanted no part of the conversation as he turned away, saying, "No, no!" When asked "Who does?" by the cameraman, Rickter pointed to Piazza: "He does." "He does!" she repeated. "I do. I do. I do." Watch the video here. Piazza was more willing to give Clemens the benefit of the doubt. "You know what's funny? People ask me, but the only time I've ever known him is just kind of hitting against him," said Piazza. "And so it's really tough for me to say, 'cause I never played with him, just against him. I mean, look, he was a great pitcher. His record speaks for itself." Piazza and Clemens had a chance to smooth things over on the field during the 2004 All-Star game. The foes started for the National League that year, but Piazza said that "didn't go too well" either. "He was frustrated," he said of Clemens, who gave up six runs (three earned) on five hits in just one inning of work. "Whatever, we had a tough night. But from a professional standpoint I wish we did well. You know, because it's professional pride."
Piazza’s Wife Plunks Clemens, Believes ‘Roid Rage At Play In Bat Toss