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February 29, 2012
Penn State dismissal related to steroids?
Penn State dismissed defensive end Shawn Oakman Tuesday night with a simple, one sentence statement released to the media. Penn State freshman defensive end Shawn Oakman has been dismissed from the football team due to a violation of team rules,” the release issued by Penn State Football Director of Communications Jeff Nelson stated. Shawn Oakman's Penn State career may already be over. Oakman had never been in any reported legal troubles before, so the sudden dismissal seemed to be pretty serious in nature, although details are still unconfirmed. Oakman finished his freshman season in State College and figured to be a third string defensive lineman in 2012. On February 21 Oakman tweeted that he had been tested for steroids, although there is no solid connection to the two events at this time confirming steroids was a reason for dismissal. A Penn State source tells Examiner.com there is no indication Oakman’s dismissal is related to any steroids violation.
The NCAA has taken measures to try and reduce the use of steroids in college football, and according to reports over the years steroid use has decreased. Some experts though believe some players get away with using steroids by finding ways to get around the drug testing instituted by the NCAA.
The NCAA began testing for steroids in 1986 for bowl games and by 1990 had adopted a year-round drug testing program, In 1999 the NCAA outsourced their drug testing to the National Center for Drug free Sport, which alerts players 24 hours in advance they will be testing. Initially the testing was not done in summer months but that has since changed with the NCAA and professional sports leagues taking increased measures to try and reduce drug and steroid use. Penn State’s drug policy is used for recreational drug results, which suspend a player for seven days following a second violation, one year for a third, and dismissal for a fourth violation. This policy does not account for steroids, which generally calls for automatic dismissal from an institution. According to NCAA policy, any student athlete testing positive for steroids (or other drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, ephedrine, diuretics, heroin, marijuana, peptide hormones or urine manipulators), are ruled ineligible for at least 365 days and lose one year of eligibility as a result. Examiner.com will monitor the cause for Oakman’s dismissal and share more information when it becomes available. http://www.examiner.com/penn-state-nittany-lions-football-in-philadelphia/penn-state-dismissal-possibly-related-to-steroids