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May 3, 2012
Pauly D. using steroids?
Pauly D Unrecognizable Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame may be doing more than hitting the gym to round out his astounding physique. Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio’s mantra of GTL aka “gym, tan, laundry” may need to have ‘S’ added to it. Recent photos has surfaced of DelVecchio with a noticeably pumper face. Initial thoughts were that he simply gained weight or potentially plastic surgery. But others have pointed out that his dedication to having a picture perfect body may have lead him to use steroids. Swelling is one of the side effects of steroids. NutriF’ steroid expert, Jackie Keller,  also stated as such stated, “When a man takes steroids, he becomes bloated, holds a lot of water, and his estrogen rises… (and the) water retention makes people look bloated…Bloating can be a side effect of many things. He looks like he was on his ‘off-cycle,’ meaning he isn’t following a diet, and is eating bad food and drinking a lot.”” DelVecchio has worked hard to establish his Paul D character, and is likely wise enough to know not to chop it up with plastic surgery. While steroids may be in play, as an actor he certainly isn’t going to forced to undergo any steroid tests, so all we can do is speculate. We’ve taken a closer look at Pauly D’s steroid use here. It’s important to point out that using steroids is dangerous, not just for athletes that may undergo testing, but for anyone. The health dangers are present and very life-changing.