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August 21, 2012
Pauly D using steroids?
Pauly D, Paul DelVecchio, of Jersey Shore fame doesn't hold back his love of lifting weights for a great body, as evidenced by his "Gym, tan, laundry" tagline. But he has recentely been seen out and about with a bloated face, which may be an indication of a little extra help. As Radar Reporter Debbie Emery states, he may be using steroids, The reality star has reportedly gained 20 pounds of pure brawn by exercising three hours a day, and many suspect that he may have undertaken a course of steroids to up the ante in the weight room. The Taylor Hooton Foundation has extensively researched the negative effects of steroids, which were backed up by nutritional expert Jackie Keller of NutriFit, who had this to say to Radar, "When a man takes steroids, he becomes bloated, holds a lot of water, and his estrogen rises. This happens because, when you add in so much synthetic testosterone to your body, your natural levels of testosterone shut down and you stop producing it naturally. This leads to a rise in estrogen, which leads to water retention that makes people look bloated." Serious steroid users, those who are juicing to achieve a chiseled physique will use estrogen blockers to ensure that they don't begin taking on female characteristics and ensure that they stay lean. It shouldn't come as a surprise that males taking estrogen pills is a very poor choice that could lead to developing female breasts, among many other undesirable traits. On the other hand, DelVecchio may simply be letting his diet slip, by consuming too much alcohol and other unhealthy foods. This seems unlikely however, given his serious approach to remaining to fantastic shape. This leaves plastic surgery as another potential culprit of Pauly D's bloated face. The jury is still out on why Pauly D seems to be putting a little weight, but we certainly hope it isn't steroids; not only for his own health, but the message that it would send to his admirers across the world. Learn more about our commitment to raising steroid awareness by visiting our steroid education pages.