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March 11, 2014
Paralympic Hockey Player Fails Doping Test
SOCHI, March 7 (R-Sport) – Italian sledge hockey forward Igor Stella will not take part in the 2014 Sochi Paralympics after failing a doping test, a spokesperson for his team said Friday. Doping tests According to the Italian sledge hockey spokesperson Daniela Quargnali, anabolic steroids entered his system with a cream that he used to treat a skin lesion. The 32-year-old started using it a month prior to the Paralympics, but did not notify the International Paralympic Committee, Quargnali added. “He is suspended from the Games and in two days there will be proceedings against him where he can explain his reasons,” said Quargnali. “He didn’t know that it was anabolic steriods in the cream. He got it in a hospital in Milan a month ago, they didn’t tell him what it contained.” Stella was a part of the Italian team at the Vancouver Games four years ago, finishing seventh. Last month, five athletes were suspended from the Sochi Olympics after testing positive for banned substances. None were medalists. The XI Winter Paralympics take place from March 7 through 16.