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April 5, 2010
Overdose Of Steroids Claims Chris Kanyon's Life
Did steroids take another person’s life? Don

Chris Klucsaritis, better known in the entertainment world as Chris Kanyon passed away on Friday night, leaving the world of wrestling to a silence. Kanyon, 40, was a great wrestler and had fans from the world of WCW. His death is being termed as a suicide from an overdose of pills. The wrestler also came to limelight when he joined the much famous the World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE. Just as we got to know from Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee's ex that the lady is suffering from bipolar disorder, a little same was the case with Kanyon.


While some term his death to be a suicide, others have referred it to as a case of overdose of manySteroids. Kanyon was more famous as the "The Innovator of Offense" at the WCW, when he first made appearance in 1997 as the masked wrestler Mortis. Later he dropped the gig and formed the The Jersey Triad in 1999. The wrestler claimed much spotlight in the last year of WCW.

Later when WCW was purchased by WWE, the wrestler joined the new league and later disappeared in 2004 when he couldn't get the same fame as what he had in WCW.

Kanyon's body was found in his apartment in the city of New York. An overdose of medication took his life and the pill bottle lied beside him with several notes scattered around his body. He had also spoken about killing himself sometime back as he was in severe depression issues.