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January 12, 2011
NJ contemplates banning steroids for cops – even with a prescription
Steroids and growth hormomes are so dangerous and can cause a level of behavior change that lawmakers are considering banning their use by policemen and firemen . . . . even if they are used after receiving a prescription from a doctor.

Maybe should all use this example as a reason to really question what risk our kids are really taking when they play with these drugs.


WASHINGTON — Lawmakers in the US state of New Jersey will weigh banning steroids and growth hormones for police and firefighters amid health concerns, a bill released Tuesday says.

Assemblyman John McKeon introduced the bill in the northeastern state’s legislature.

It seeks to make the drugs illegal for these public officials who, the bill warns, can have bouts of aggression when they are overusing the drugs.

The drugs would be added to the list of illegal drugs for which the officers and firefighters already can be randomly tested.

“The odds that that many uniformed officers need them for legitimate purposes is ridiculous. It’s not the case. There are being used to bodybuild or whatever reason,” McKeon told AFP.

“We know the (problems) of anabolic steroids include ‘roid-rage.’ So now you’ve got a public that’s not properly served when you have uniformed officers who are having that risk.”

People on steroids can have anger control issues, dubbed “roid-rage.”

The prescriptions also cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a year, the lawmaker noted.