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March 26, 2013
ARTICLE RE-POSTED FROM STEROIDANALYSIS.COM Swedish police recently announced a major drug bust involving an assortment of illicit pharmas; including steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. The case that Swedish police have developed is the result of an enduring investigation of major drug operations that functioned throughout the Euro-zone and other eastern European nations. Martin mug Known as the “Doping League”, billions of euros worth of black-market revenue are generated annually from this secretive industry and coincides with international activities such as the international trade of illegal weapons. One of the key figures of the case is Martin Kjellstrom who is a well-known bodybuilder throughout the European bodybuilding scene. Police statements indicate a total seizure of drugs, prescribed medicines, and ancillary medical supplies exceeding 60 million Swedish Krones. We at www.steroidanalysis.com are confirming (though fairly certain) that the case has already gone through the appeals process. boris klein busted.jpg Martin Kjellstrom â€" age 41, is only one of many who were placed on the Swedish police called Ikaros-list or “most wanted” list. Martin’s alias name is reported to be “Mr. Maxi”; a name common throughout Germany, Serbia, and Russia. Martin/Maxi is believed to have evaded Swedish police; perhaps fleeing to either Spain or Serbia. “Unfortunately, we have not been able to apprehend him and bring him to court…”, says detective inspector Henrik Blusi of Sundsvall police to GT. During a press conference, Blushi went further to say, “…We suspect he will continue his business. It’s about big money; nearly three million Krones per month.” We at www.steroidanalysis.com are confirming one of Martin’s main associates to be Stefan Tapai who was responsible for at least 3 million Krones worth of steroid business on a monthly basis. martin-prior-jail-1.jpg Martin Kjellstrom’s wife was also involved in his underground steroid conspiracy as she personally managed a Dutch steroid lab located within Spain. She arranged finished doping products to be smuggled out of Spain and transported them to Sweden by packing pills, tablets, and vials within Olive Oil bottles. Martin/Maxi made arrangements with 3 suppliers in Karlstad, Gothenburg and Malmö to distribute the drugs prior to his wife’s arrival (who typically traveled by air to calculate and disburse profits). At the end of this supply loop was Stefan Tapai’s mother who would serve as the final transfer point for remaining monies that she would surrender to Martin (Maxi) Kjellstrom in Serbia. A raid on their Fuengirola home (alongside the Spanish coast) did not render Martin/Maxi though his wife was eventually captured. martin-gif.gif A total of 57 people received an aggregated sentence of 65 years in prison resulting from “Operation Liquid”. Though some may perceive the judicial sentence as harsh, the average term is a bit over 1-years; not accounting for appeals and potential reductions due to ‘time served’ for other offenses, deals, etc… We at www.steroidanalysis.com are fairly certain that a majority of cases have already gone through the appeals process. For his principle role in the elaborate conspiracy to distribute large volumes of banned substances on a global scale, Swedish law sentenced Martin (Maxi) Kjellstrom to 3 ½ years of jail time. http://steroidanalysis.com/2013/03/mr-maxi-busted-by-swedes-in-international-drug-operation/