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August 10, 2013
More cops busted with steroids
MANATEE COUNTY – Two recently resigned Manatee County sheriff’s deputies have been charged with possession of steroids.
The Sheriff’s Office began an investigation in January into the distribution of anabolic steroids — a drug that promotes muscle growth. Deputy Tom Frank, of the Patrol Division, and Deputy Chris Tucker, of the Child Protective Investigation Division, were arrested Friday after a “reverse” operation in which the Sheriff’s Office sold, instead of purchased, the drugs. Frank allegedly had lunch on July 26 with a confidential informant while in uniform and on duty. During the conversation, which was recorded, Frank allegedly warned the informant of rumors that the informant was dealing drugs. During the conversation, Frank reportedly asked for a vial of “Monster.” A few days later, Frank invited the informant to meet him at his home. Frank again asked for the vial, but warned the informant to discuss the steroids only in person, according to his arrest warrant. On July 31, Frank allegedly met the informant in Parrish and is accused of paying $80 for the steroids. Detectives followed Frank, who was driving his marked patrol vehicle, home. While conducting a search of his vehicle, detectives found the vial under the center console, the warrant states. Tucker is accused of paying $300 for five vials of steroids while meeting the informant on Aug. 1 in Parrish. Again, detectives followed Tucker, who was driving his personal vehicle, home. After making contact with Tucker, detectives reported finding the vials in his pants pocket. http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20130809/ARTICLE/130809614/2055/NEWS?Title=UPDATE-Former-Manatee-deputies-accused-of-having-steroids