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March 24, 2015
MMA: Nevada Drops the Hammer on Hector Lombard for Positive Steroids Drug Test

Following his hearing before the Nevada Athletic Commission on Monday, Hector Lombard is done fighting for the next year.

There has been a seismic shift in the way that governing bodies oversee performance-enhancing drug use lately, and its effects are starting to be felt in mixed martial arts.

Having tested positive for steroids following his UFC 182 victory over Josh Burkman, the Nevada Athletic Commission came down relatively hard on Lombard for his first offense.

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Lombard admitted to having the steroid in his system, but tried to explain it away as accidental. He explained that it might have been in some pills he took in trying to deal with a bout of the flu. He pleaded for a second chance.

The commission didn’t buy his defense. The commission didn’t offer a second chance.

When all was said an done, the commission levied Lombard a one-year suspension, stripped him of his $53,000 win bonus, fined him an additional 33-percent of his $53,000 show money (which would be $17,490), and changed the result of the fight to a no-contest.

He will also have to provide a clean drug test upon applying for a license to fight in Nevada in the future.

This certainly sets an ominous tone for Anderson Silva, who is supposed to go before the Nevada commission in the next month or so to face charges that he tested positive for steroids on two separate drug tests.