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June 15, 2015
MMA: "I am a cheat, plain and simple" (Mike Richman accepts sole responsibility for PED test failure)
Mike Richman is taking full responsibility for his failed drug test for PEDs out of a fight last month with Eduardo Dantas, admitting using anabolic steroids into the bout without the knowledge of his coaches and teammates. In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Richman apologized to Bellator MMA, his team, and his fans, and made it clear he’s ready and willing to accept all punishments and reactions to come. “In regards to my positive test results for an Anabolic Steroid. I want to say that I lost the integrity in myself and the integrity of this sport,” Richman wrote. “I will not sit here and deny that I took it or act like I didn’t know what I was taking or blame it on someone else. I am a cheat, [plain] and simple and there is no excuse or reason that is valid enough to dispute the reasons why I cheated the sport and myself by using it. “I want to apologize to Bellator MMA for my actions. I want to apologize again to my hard working Teammates who are not cutting corners and busting their asses off everyday in the gym to better themselves. I want to apologize to My head MMA coach Greg Nelson for making him and his gym the Academy look bad. He had no knowledge of me using at all. I want to make the same apology to my S&C coach Matt Miller of Horsepower strength and conditioning, he also had no knowledge of my use of this Anabolic Steroid. I apologize to all my sponsors that support me, my family that loves me, and my friends and fans that cheer for me. “I deserve every bit of backlash and hate I’m going to receive from the media and the fans of this great sport. I take full responsibility in my actions and the decisions I made. I also deserve the punishment the CA state athletic commission brought down upon me.” Penick’s Analysis: It’s certainly a refreshing change of pace from the constant denials and buck-passing that continuously happens in these situations. He made the choice, he got caught, and he’s going to face the consequences. This confession and apology doesn’t change any of that, but at the very least he understands that, and has enough integrity to accept those consequences. http://www.mmatorch.com/artman2/publish/Bellator/article_26189.shtml#.VX7bqPlVhBc