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November 20, 2014
Mike: True Story of A Steroid User

“Mike” wishes to have identity hidden, name is a false name. I first started using steroids when I was 18. It was summer and I was just the skinny kid always. I refused to spend my whole summer being the lanky kid so I got on the juice in hopes that by the end of summer I’d be ripped. I knew some of the guys from my high school were now on roids and I went to them first because I knew I could score easily and for a cheaper price. They got me on the injectable anabolic steroids, which they said were the ones that would cause massive gains. I started off injecting once a week and began going to the gym with those guys about 6-7 days a week. I still remember the first time I injected – it was at gym, in the locker room with the guys there. I had read up about steroids before using them but I was never too sure of how to inject. So, picture this: 3 big guys and one skinny kid, with one of the big guys literally injecting juice into my left ass cheek. At first I thought it was super weird, but I guess after the second time it became the norm. I started injecting once a week to begin with. After about 4 weeks I began noticing muscles and even though I was still small, I became more defined and I liked that. It was after the first 6-8 weeks that I bumped up the dosage. I started injecting twice per week and that’s when the gains really started. After the first two months I put on 12kg, which was absolutely crazy, but it pushed me even more. Yeah, I was eating a lot of proteins and carbs to bulk, but that when coupled with injecting twice a week and exercising literally every day of the week gave me those gains. The gains were great, but then the bad side effects kicked in. I legit became a ticking time-bomb. My mood could go from happy and loving life to feeling like I could knock someone out if they did one slight thing to piss me off. It didn’t matter how big I was getting – no girl would want to get with me, and I guess it was because I wasn’t interested and neither were the girls because my balls had shrunk to the size of grapes and my nipples were swelling up…so much for getting this ripped and not even being able to take off my shirt to show it off because of my man-boobs. Plus my back was covered in acne, so summer and festival plans to walk around with my shirt off were ruined. I ended up getting off the roids at around the 5 months mark because I knew I was literally creating a monster. Yeah, I was massive – but feeling like I wanted to kill myself all the time from the mood swings and feeling my body deteriorating was enough to get me off it. If there’s any advice I would give to young guys it would be to not even touch that shit. It’s poison that will ruin you. http://getofftheroids.wordpress.com/2014/10/26/mikes-experience-with-steroids/