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January 16, 2012
Man dies following steroid-induced rampage at his gym
How many of you have ever seen video of real life ‘roid rage in action? Take a look at this story of a body builder who died following a rampage at his local gym.  Police had to taser him to get him subdued.  Doctors said he died from a condition called “agitated delirium” – a.k.a. ‘roid rage. Don

Watch this video:  Gym rage caught on tape

Gym rage caught on tape

WATCH as this man creates havoc in a gym, knocking over equipment piece by piece. The man later reportedly dies from ‘agitated delirium’.

Replay: Gym rage caught on tape

A 106kg construction worker died after being tasered during a wild drug-fuelled rampage in a gymnasium.

Authorities released a surveillance video from the surburban New York gym that shows 32-year-old Chad Brothers knocking over items in the lobby of the gym.

He’s then seen pulling down several pieces of exercise equipment in the workout area.

The video shows Brothers entering an office off-camera, followed soon after by a police officer with her gun drawn. He was eventually subdued by officers using stun guns.

He went into cardiac arrest and died shortly after being taken to an Albany hospital.

Authorities say Brothers died of “agitated delirium,” a condition that can result from steroid use.