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January 20, 2015
Man arrested in large steroid-trafficking operation
WYOMISSING, Pa. – Police have busted a Berks County man for allegedly running a “big” steroid operation. James Palmer, 38, of Lower Heidelberg Township, is accused of selling large amounts of anabolic steroids and syringes to customers all across the country. “Finding this type of operation is rare,” said Sgt. Todd Harris, Berks County district attorney’s drug task force. “It’s something I haven’t encountered before to this magnitude, where you have it actually being shipped to other people in the United States.” According to Harris, more than 1,000 oral and injectable steroids and more than 1,000 syringes were collectively discovered in Palmer’s home on Sweet Water Lane, in his car and in a locker he rented at Storage World in Robesonia. “It’s a great deal of steroids, obviously with the intent to deliver,” said Harris. “These are the type of steroids that people will abuse, and they use them to get bigger, stronger, faster, things like that. They can be very dangerous.” Shipping labels containing steroids were also allegedly seized. Police are still working to determine who the illegal products were being sent to. “He was doing things with fictitious identities when he was mailing the products, so there’s a lot of backtracking that we have to do to see where the products were sent to,” Harris told 69 News. Neighbors, who spoke to 69 News anonymously, said they hope Palmer wasn’t selling locally. “Not too thrilled with [the allegations], considering there’s a lot of kids in this neighborhood, especially teenage kids, kids of all ages actually,” one man said. “Not good to have someone like that in the neighborhood, if it turns out to be true.” According to Harris, the investigation began around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, when Palmer was arrested outside of the U.S. Post Office on Penn Avenue in Wyomissing for allegedly driving under the influence. On the passenger side of his car, police observed syringes and steroids, Harris said. Search warrants were subsequently obtained for Palmer’s properties. Harris told 69 News that police are still investigating how Palmer received his steroids. Typically, they are acquired from outside of the country, he said. Palmer was charged with DUI, possession and other offenses and committed to the Berks County Jail. http://www.wfmz.com/news/news-regional-berks/man-arrested-in-steroidtrafficking-operation/30794624