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February 25, 2011
Man Accused In Officer Attack Possessed Steroids
Prosecutor: Tragedy Was A Long Time Coming OKLAHOMA CITY – In a crowded courtroom full of police officers, a judge denied bail for the man accused of assaulting an officer. Officer Chad Peery may never walk after he suffered a spinal cord injury trying to break up a bar fight, officers said. Police said that Joshua Bernard Rinken, 29, injured the officer. Rinken was arrested along with 32-year-old Cadmio Antonio Lopez and 28-year-old Jimmy Dan Smith, each on one count of maiming. All three men have been charged in this case. Formal charges were filed on Friday against the three men. All three men each face one count of maiming and one count of conspiracy. About 40 officers packed the courtroom, with only standing room left to hear the ruling of the hearing. A detective testified that officers found 52 oxandrolone steroid pills in Rinken’s truck and said the drugs were imported to the United States. The detective said that in his opinion, Rinken is threat to the public. “A tragedy like this was a long time coming," said Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland in reference to Rinken's violent past. Ultimately, Judge Ray Elliott ruled to deny Rinken bail. “I think the evidence overall screams out this answer — anyone he comes in contact with is a potential victim," Elliott said. Each man is charged with one count of maiming and one count of conspiracy. The first count carries a maximum of seven years in prison, and the second carries a maximum of 10 years in prison.