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June 5, 2013
LeBron James Steroids? Miami Heat Star Implicated In PED Scandal By Former Anthony Bosch Employee
Sacramento Kings' John Salmons (L) watches Miami Heat's LeBron James (R) react to a call by an official during the first half of their NBA basketball game in Miami, Florida, February 26, 2013. A woman, claiming to be a former employee of embattled, alleged Major League Baseball steroids provider Anthony Bosch, is now asserting that a close associate to NBA MVP LeBron James regularly frequented the clinic and each time took products with him designated for someone bearing the initials “LB.” According to IBN Sports Wrap, someone she further identified as “Mr.Paul (LeBron’s childhood friend and one of his current agents is is named Rich Paul) would make monthly visits and carry off the agreed upon products. She further claims she knows Paul was a friend of James and workers at the clinic were 100 percent certain LeBron James was a client of the institute and the “LJ” in question. Bosch remains under heavy investigation and has already intricately been implicated in what could well be the sport’s world biggest, single performance enhancing drug scandal. Former MLB MVPs Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun have already been snared in the probe, which, according to ESPN, could involve as many as 20 big league pro players.       Bosch has now agreed to cooperate with investigators, testifying against and providing further details about players who alleges were steroids abusers.       MLB officials are already moving to have both Rodriguez and Braun banned for at least 100 games or double the suspension usually renders to PEDs abusers on the grounds not allow did they violate the league’ substance abuse policy but repeatedly  lied to investigators in the aftermath. http://www.sportsworldnews.com/articles/2774/20130605/lebron-james-steroids-miami-heat-star-implicated-ped-scandal-former-anthony-bosch.htm