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August 4, 2014
Kerry Katona's fiance: Steroids 'sent me doolally'
The former rugby league professional revealed that he had “been up for the best part of four days” after taking a mixture of steroids, sleeping pills and alcohol. Speaking for the first time since being detained under the Mental Health Act, the 34-year-old said that he took the mixture because he wanted to be in “fantastic shape” for his wedding to reality star Kerry Katona next month. “I took steroids as I wanted to be in fantastic shape for the wedding and look good in swimming shorts on holiday,” he told The Sun newspaper.
“But they sent me doolally. I was in another world. I wasn’t sleeping, so I was taking sleeping pills and I’d been drinking and taken steroids. “I’d been up for the best part of four days. With the mixture of those things I think something had to give and, unfortunately, we had the incident that we had,” he told the Sun on Sunday. It took five police officers to hold down George after he went on a terrifying hour-long rampage outside the mansion he shares with mum-of-five Kerry in Oxfordshire, England.
Witnesses saw the 34-year-old run between cars and shout aggressively while repeatedly grabbing his groin.
Blood tests revealed that he suffered the equivalent of three minor heart attacks during the incident. “I don’t remember the build-up to it. The last thing I remember is telling Kerry that I was going to the gym – then I remember the police being there. “But I remember this burning feeling. It was a constant feeling of being fried from the inside. I don’t know if that was the heart attacks, that’s all I can put it down to.” Kerry and George began dating in 2012 and got engaged in April 2013. George said he is grateful that none of Kerry’s five children were there, including the couple’s three-month-old daughter Dylan-Jorge. “By the grace of God, none of the kids were there. That would have been so much more upsetting to me than the actual incident. Now it’s more a case of my dented pride. Atomic Kitten singer Kerry (33) revealed that she was in floods of tears as she watched her fiancé’s frightening rampage. “I have never, ever witnessed anything like that in my life. I’ve never seen George like it. “I thought he was dying. Worst-case scenario. I thought he had a brain tumour.” George was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital where he was examined by doctors and he was discharged on Friday. “I want to apologise to anyone who saw what happened last week… I’ll get all the help I need,” he said.  
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