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March 8, 2010
Juveniles Charged with Selling Anabolic Steroids
Charges released in Calhoun High steroids case
by Calhoun Times
The Calhoun Police Department has officially released the charges filed against a Calhoun High School student who was taken into custody Tuesday morning for allegedly selling steroids on the CHS campus. According to the Calhoun Police Department: The students was charged with violating the Georgia Controlled Substance Act, Schedule III, which refers to the fact that the drugs in questions are currently an accepted medical use in treatment, and abuse of the drug may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence. The Calhoun Police Department notified personnel at the local Department of Child and Family Resources Tuesday morning. Calhoun High student accused of selling steroids on campus After an extensive investigation, the Special Operations Division of the Calhoun Police Department executed a search warrant on a vehicle located in the parking lot of Calhoun High School. The vehicle belonged to a juvenile student who allegedly was selling anabolic steroids to other juveniles at the school. During the execution of the search warrant, numerous vials and pills of suspected anabolic steroids were located and seized. Anabolic steroid paraphernalia was also seized. Because the suspect is a juvenile, the name has not been released. However, the suspect was taken into custody and later released to his parents. Calhoun Schools Superintendent, Michele Taylor, said that Tuesday afternoon's events are a disappointment. "It is disappointing when any young person makes poor choices," she said. "Our administrators and teachers work extremely hard to provide a safe school environment for our students." Taylor went on to say that Calhoun City Schools is committed to educating students about the dangers of drug use, however, additional funding for drug prevention education is in jeopardy due to local, state and federal budget cuts. "Just this week we were notified that Safe and Drug Free Schools and Community funding has been eliminated from the Federal budget. We will apply for discretionary grants as they become available and we will continue to work with local law enforcement on investigations such as these so that we can identify those who need corrective action or support," she said. "This is an ongoing investigation. The investigation has indicated students from several Northwest Georgia Schools may be involved in the use of these drugs," said Sgt J. Marquez, Commander of the Special Operations Division. "We are working closely with other agencies on this case.”