April 10, 2019
Joshua and Kratom
My name is Heidy and this is my son Joshua.  He was 21 years old. Josh was a wonderful, loving and kind human being.  Joshua had so many hopes and dreams for his future. He wanted to see the world and experience so many things in life. After high school Joshua went on to become a welder, he worked for his cousin at his custom muffler shop.  He did all of the welding and did an amazing job!  On his days off Josh loved to spend time writing rap and working out.  Working out became a huge part of Joshua’s life as well as watching his diet so he could build a muscular physique.  He was very dedicated and disciplined when it came to lifting weights. At one point I sat down with josh and talked to him about all the time he was spending working out, I was worried it was taking up to much of his time and didn’t want to see my son only focusing on building his muscle and not enjoying all the things a 21 year old should be doing in life.   On August 24,2018 at 6:45 in the morning, I got the call that no mother should ever have to get. My son Joshua ended his life while on a dietary supplement called kratom. That day my life and my family’s life changed forever. I am trapped in a nightmare that I will never be able to escape from all because of a plant based herbal supplement that Josh was taking for energy to help him lift weights to gain muscle.   Joshua started taking kratom the summer of 2017.  Since my sons passing I have done my research on kratom and it is linked to 44 deaths and rising.  I have talked to mothers and family members who have lost loved ones due to kratom.  People are dying from heart attacks and over doses and also taking there lives while on kratom.  Kratom is not regulated by the FDA and is very addictive.    Kratom is being advertised for energy, pain relief, mind cognizance, mood enhancer, alternative to opioids and treatment for opioid withdrawal etc.. What they are not telling you about, are all of the side effects that come with kratom use such as liver damage, seizures, insomnia, psychosis, heart attack, hallucinations, itching, stroke, suicidal thoughts, brain swelling, aggression, delusions, thyroid problems, hemorrhagic pulmonary edema and death etc…and how addictive this so called natural supplement is.  Please if I can share anything with you let me share this… my son was such a happy sound-minded person he just got caught up in wanting to look his best and unfortunately came across kratom thinking it would help him meet his goals.  If there is something you would like to take please make sure it is FDA approved!     Don’t risk your health it’s not worth it.  I can tell you if Joshua would have thought that this could be harmful, he would have never of taken it.  Sadly, now me and my family have to live a life without my son and it is very heartbreaking. Don’t put your family through what my family has had to go through because a life without you would break your family’s heart!