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April 21, 2010
Is the NHL the next league to be put under the steroid spotlight?
I’ve posted a couple of articles in recent weeks indicating alleged ties between the NHL and steroids.  From the looks of it, things are starting to heat up! Don

MONTREAL – It looks like the NHL and the Washington Capitals are going to have to face questions again about the Caps' relationship with a Virginia chiropractor arrested last month in connection with performance-enhancing drugs, including the steroids, testosterone and nandrolone.

In its April 26 edition, Sports Illustrated will report the NHL and the Caps, despite claims to the contrary, did not "thoroughly investigate" Douglas Nagel, the chiropractor who has treated Caps players and was arrested last month.

He told investigators he had mailed money for steroids to Richard Thomas, the former bodybuilder who had $200,000 worth of pills, bottles and syringes seized from his home and claimed the Caps were one of the teams he was supplying with steroids.

In a press release about the upcoming story, SI said writer David Epstein contradicts the league's claim it investigated the Capitals' connection to Nagel.

"Both the NHL and the Capitals released statements claiming that they conducted thorough investigations following Nagel's arrest, claims that were later called into question by Ian Floyd of the Polk County Sheriff's Tactical Drug Unit," writes Epstein.

"In an e-mail to his boss, sheriff Grady Judd, that was shared exclusively with SI, Floyd wrote: "I called and spoke with [NHL executive vice president of security] Dennis Cunningham today in reference to the official statements made by the Washington Capitals and NHL regarding the 'thorough investigation.'

Mr. Cunningham admitted that contrary to the below issued statements, no investigation was ever conducted into Dr. Nagel and his ties to steroids and Capitals players by anyone with the NHL."