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August 3, 2013
Is Justin Bieber Abusing Steroids to Bulk Up at the Gym?

May Explain Recent Spate of Aggressive Behavior

Justin Bieber is showing remarkable progress bulking up his thin frame at the gym, maybe a little too remarkable. Such quick gains suggest he may be taking steroids, which have been widely abused by rappers to build their bodies. Bieber, 19, is thin-framed and boyish looking. He’s a mere 5-feet, 7-inches tall and was reported last year to weigh just 123 pounds. But he’s looking far more muscular now, according to a recent Instagram photo. justin bieber workingout Is Justin Bieber Abusing Steroids to Bulk Up at the Gym? Justin Bieber recently posted this photo of himself on Instagram. He has quickly developed bigger biceps, chest, shoulders and abs. Justin told Canadian magazine Mcleans last November that he had been “working out in the gym, getting bigger, trying to get sexy for the ladies.” Bieber was reportedly impressed by the gains Taylor Lautner made to bulk up for his role as werewolf Jacob Black in the “Twilight” movie saga. He even sought out Lautner’s trainer Jordan Yuam, owner of Jordan’s Virtual Fit Club. Since last year, he’s shown remarkable bodybuilding progress. But at the same time, his behavior has become increasingly short-tempered, erratic and aggressive. Those are classic signs of steroid use, although there is no evidence at the moment, that Bieber is using any kind of growth hormone. But since his European tour began, Bieber has had an Instagram meltdown, was kicked out of a nightclub on his 19th birthday, started a show in London nearly two hours late, collapsed on stage at another London show, fought with photographers and cancelled a show in Portugal, according to Mcleans. All that comes on top of several other incidents. Most recently, he allegedly screamed at and spit on his neighbor, who had the temerity to confront him about driving recklessly through their quiet suburban neighborhood. Steroid use has been rampant in the hip-hop music scene for years. Rappers 50 Cent, Wyclef Jean, Timbaland and other rap stars were implicated in a steroids investigation as far back as 2008. News reports at the time noted that performers are under increasing pressure to maintain perfect, even superhuman physiques as a part of their overall image and brand. That sounds a lot like Bieber today. “Anabolic steroids and human growth hormone can have immediately visible results in rappers as in athletes, decreasing fat tissue and increasing muscle,” Dr. Alvin M. Matsumoto told The New York Times. But the short term as well as long-term consequences of using growth hormones can be severe. Beside the health risks, steroid use can cause changes in behavior, according to the Association Against Steroid Abuse, a non-profit group. The behavioral symptoms, according to the group, include extreme mood swings, increased aggression and irritability, disrespectful and abusive behavior and poor decision-making. Who does that sound like? http://www.celebrityhealthfitness.com/7787/justin-bieber-steroids-bulk-explain-aggressive-behavior/