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May 13, 2014
Is Adam Lind using steroids?
Have you checked out Adam Lind‘s body lately? The Teen Mom 2 star can’t stop posting shirtless selfies to Instagram, and you may have noticed that he looks a little buffer than usual. The Adam we’ve come to know and love (read: know and judge) is super-thin, but apparently the dude has fallen head over heels for body building! His muscles are so defined lately — though it’s hard to see them under all those skull tattoos.

Adam Lind

So, how has Adam gained so much muscle mass? According to a friend of his (and we use the word “friend” loosely), he’s been using steroids. “Adam takes a pill form of steroids,” a source tellsRadarOnline.com. “It’s not prescribed or anything.” Apparently, the steroid in question is Dbol (Dianabol or Methandrostenolone), a controlled substance here in the US of A — which means Adam would need a prescription in order to get it legally! “Because Adam is taking the steroids, it’s really not that impressive at all that his body has changed,” the source says. “Adam just loves the attention, so that’s why he posted the pictures on Instagram. I can’t tell if he’s really cocky and thinks he looks great or if he actually feels like he needs the ego boost, but he obviously likes the attention.” Adam is currently single and ready to mingle thanks to a recent breakup with his newest baby mama,Taylor Halbur (though rumor has it that they might be back together), and it’s possible that he’s beefing up to impress the ladies. But one woman who is reported to not be impressed by Adam’s new look? Ex Chelsea Houska. “Chelsea thinks it’s funny that he posted the pictures,” a source close to the MTV star says. “Chelsea doesn’t find him attractive at all.” http://www.wetpaint.com/teen-mom/articles/2014-05-12-adam-lind-buff-body-steroids