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March 5, 2012
Hypocritical San Francisco Giants Fans Taunt Ryan Braun
Major League Baseball will never be able to forget the steroid era. Conveniently, however, San Francisco Giants fans seem to have forgotten their own particular icon’s role in that past. Today those worlds collided when the Giants played the Milwaukee Brewers in spring training and Giants fans got a chance to tauntRyan Braun. So I find it curious that the one team’s fans that refused to vilify Barry Bonds for steroids would even think to go after Braun. I mean, really, if any MLB fans don’t have a right to speak out against a player suspected of cheating, it’s Giants fans. They had their chance with Bonds and they just turned their heads. Unfortunately for Braun, this is only a taste of what is sure to be a common occurrence for him for at least the coming season. Many fans (including myself) think that Braun got off on a technicality and will always look at him with suspicious eyes. Every time the Brewers visit another stadium this season Braun will be the subject of some of the most intense hazing we’ve ever seen on a baseball field. It will be interesting to see how both Braun and the Brewers team respond. Many will watch Braun’s career going forward closely, wondering if he’ll be able to duplicate the season that just won him the MVP award for the National League. If he can’t come close to equaling those numbers then his taunters will only gain more strength. Despite my misgivings of Braun, I do hope that he can find a way to duplicate his success clean. Until then, Giants fans, remember the saying about people who live in glass houses. Julie is a Featured Contributor and avid baseball fan. Currently living in Denver, she loves the Colorado Rockies and is eagerly awaiting the 2012 season. http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news?slug=ycn-11051942