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March 15, 2011
HS Coaches "shocked" by the arrest of local steroid dealer
A steroid dealer gets busted for selling steroids to Connecticut high school athletes and the local high school coaches are “shocked”.  They are all confident that “none of my players has ever used steroids”. How many times do we have to hear stories like this before we INSIST that our high school coaches receive formal training to know how to recognize and deal with steroid users?  Just who in the heck do these coaches think were purchasing this dealer’s steroids? Oh, that’s right, it must have been the athletes at that “other school”, the one that is our rival.  You know, the school that’s across town. Don

In the words of longtime Brookfield High School football coach Rich Angarano, Tuesday’s news of an alleged steroid ring involving local high school athletes is a “very unfortunate situation.”

“It’s too bad that anyone would do that,” Angarano said. “It’s an unfortunate thing. It really is.”

Angarano, like other coaches, administrators and former athletes in the Greater Danbury area, expressed surprise at the news.

“I have never heard of any of that in our area,” he said.

Bryan Luizzi, principal of Brookfield High School, said he was unaware of the investigation, which yielded three arrests, with a fourth anticipated late Tuesday afternoon.

Among those arrested was Bethel businessman Mark Mansa, who had been active in Bethel youth sports programs.

“We haven’t had any issues,” Luizzi said about the high school.

To his knowledge, Luizzi said, Brookfield High School has not been investigated, but he said he will talk to the athletic coordinator.

Brookfield High School has a full-time athletic trainer, Jen Kaloupek, who gets to know the student-athletes well, Luizzi said, adding, “That helps us with prevention.”

Brookfield High has a steroid policy but does not test students for drug use, school officials said.

New Milford High School has a general substance abuse policy that includes steroids, but the school does no drug testing, officials there said.

Head football coach Chuck Lynch, however, said he can “confidently say that none of my players has ever used steroids.”

Lynch added that “every coach in the area should… really start to educate his or her players.” http://www.ctpost.com/news/article/High-school-coaches-express-shock-at-alleged-1142329.php