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October 21, 2014
How Counterfeit Anabolic Steroids Cross US Border
Counterfeit Anabolic Steroids Anabolic steroids are made in various countries and have to cross international borders to get to their target market. Smuggling anabolic steroids involves complicated organized crime and made combined with the smuggling efforts of other illicit drugs. But unlike psychoactive illegal drugs such as heroin and cannabis, there have not been any high profile cases in the news of anabolic steroids smugglers being caught in the act. Pharmacists, physicians and veterinarians are some of the people who use illegally made anabolic steroids bought through the Black Market. More often than not, the steroids purchased this way are fake or originally made for veterinary purposes. Anabolic steroids require advanced pharmaceutical processes and equipment to manufacture. That’s why only legitimate pharmaceutical companies produce them with large overhead. This is also the case with underground laboratories. In order to cut corners, illegal laboratories use chemical substitutes, diluting, and cutting. These actions affect the quality of the counterfeit anabolic steroids and could be dangerous to be consumed by humans. In the 1990s, most of the US producers of anabolic steroids such as Searle, Syntex, and Ciba stopped manufacturing and selling their products in the United States. But in other regions, anabolic steroids were produced in large quantities. European anabolic steroids have become the source of most medical grade anabolic steroids and have been sold illegally in the US. Anabolic steroids for veterinary purposes are also made and most illegal products are veterinary grade. In the US and Canada, steroids are bought through dealers who are able to get the products from several sources. Most of the users want to purchase their anabolic steroids from legal sources but can’t because of the laws that implications with regards to the possession of steroids. Counterfeit anabolic steroids become the main source of the product due to the lack of legal options in the United States and Canada. The Black Market sources its drugs from Thailand, Mexico and other countries where steroids are legally available. The bad things are the counterfeit anabolic steroids that are sold online. These products could cause several health problems. Illegal anabolic steroids are sold at competitions, gyms, and through mail. Most of these products are smuggled into the US. Then there are the counterfeit steroids that are sold through mail order from websites that pose as foreign pharmacies. Users in Great Britain have been consuming anabolic steroids along with other illegal drugs such as cocaine and cannabis. Anabolic steroids come in various forms, sizes, colors, textures, and shapes. Most of the steroids on the market are illegal or counterfeit ones than real anabolic steroids. Counterfeit steroids are cheaper to make and easy to sell among bodybuilders. They look like the real thing. If you are buying anabolic steroids from other sources aside from a relative or a close friend, then you are likely to be dealing with a con artist. In the early 1990s, the US had a crackdown on anabolic steroids. This led athletes and bodybuilders to turn to the Black Market to purchase their drugs for their cycles. There are two types of counterfeit anabolic steroids. The first one is not really counterfeit. They are real anabolic steroids with fake labels and dosages. Legal pharmaceutical companies don’t make these drugs. The second group of counterfeit anabolic steroids is the fake ones. There are some bodybuilders who buy bottles of clear liquids from other people in the gym. The bottles have no labels and not the packaging you associate with the drug. Most fake steroid manufacturers place cooking oils in the bottle to make it look legitimate. Injecting the substance into the body can lead to harsh side effects. Most of the fake anabolic steroid makers have only one thing in their mind and that is to separate you from your money. If someone approaches you in the gym and offers you anabolic steroids in any quantity for a very affordable price, you must be cautious about the offer. The best way to determine whether the product is real or not is to compare it with the original. The problem with this is that most athletes and bodybuilders have not seen the real thing. They don’t know whether the product is good or not. The most popular steroids are the ones who get counterfeited the most. Brands such as Winstrol, Dianabol, and Deca-durabolin are the drugs that have the most demand. That’s why they are also the most counterfeited steroids as well. You need to be careful about purchasing these drugs. Most of the time, the products on the black market are counterfeit and might be harmful to your body. Since 1991, anabolic steroids are classified as controlled or illegal substances in the United States. Attempting to get steroids from online sources can be dangerous. You might be dealing with a law enforcement agent who is trying to entrap you. This is one of the good things. Worse is when you are dealing with unscrupulous individuals who are just trying to separate you from your hard earned money by selling you counterfeit steroids. The steroid black market is a dangerous source of steroids. Buyers are not protected when they engage in illicit transactions to get the controlled substance. http://www.healthaim.com/how-counterfeit-anabolic-steroids-cross-us-border/6413