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March 18, 2010
High School Officials Sued Over Player Steroid Claims
A coach in the State of Tennessee is accused of providing steroids to one of his players under the guise of providing him with supplements. What did the school officials do when they found out about the incident?  They allegedly instructed the kid to “shut up” and not talk about the situation to anyone, including his mom! This case represents a perfect example of why we need to be providing education in the schools . . . and NOT just to the students!  It looks like coaches, teachers, and school administrators could use a good dose of schooling on this timely topic. Don

A football player in Cumberland County is suing officials at his high school. He says a coach gave him anabolic steroids without his knowledge.

Benjamin Dodd claims it all started after his junior season at Stone Memorial High School.

Dodd says he asked assistant football coach Jim Wilson about taking supplements to make him stronger.

The lawsuit, obtained by 10 News, accuses Wilson of giving Dodd steroids without telling him what they were.

It goes on to say Dodd began having side effects like severe headaches and violent mood swings.

The suit says when school officials found out about the steroids, they told Dodd not to talk about it, and did not inform his mother.

Dodd is suing the principal, assistant coach, and several others.

The lawsuit does not say how much money Dodd is asking for, but says Dodd still needs medical attention because of ongoing side effects.