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May 9, 2014
Has Justin Bieber been using steroids?
Justin Bieber Has a Psalm Tattooed on the Back of His Right Shoulder The question of whether or not Justin Bieber is juicing may be moving from idle gossip to legal drama. In Touch Weekly reports Justin’s friend and manager, Scooter Braun, will be deposed in Los Angeles on May 15 — having been subpoenaed in April — and will be asked about the Believe singer’s alleged use of steroids. The reported deposition relates to a lawsuit by photographer Jeffrey Bunion, who claims bodyguard assaulted him in Miami in June 2013 in order to get his camera’s memory card — all the while acting on Justin’s orders, according to Jeffrey. “It has also been circulating that Justin has been abusing steroids, and so if that is the case, it will result in his aggression and aggressive tendencies,” In Touch’s source says. “That’s something Scooter will definitely have to answer to.” Jeffrey’s lawyer, Mark DiCowden, tells the magazine, “Scooter can be asked about anything that will go to prove that my client is just one of the many victims out there that has been attacked by Justin and his entourage.” If Scooter confirms Justin’s rumored steroid use, it’ll give new meaning to all of Justin’s shirtless selfies. That buffness will just be a sham!