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May 15, 2015
Guillermo Eiland, of Bone Thugs n Harmony, grows breasts . . . from steroids
On last night”s brand new episode of Botched, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif were faced with three of their most difficult patients yet! The first patient, Jana, had a previous butt enhancement in Tijuana and it ended up making her behind sag and look strange overall. Plus, it wasn”t comfortable. Next we met Jordan James Parke, who is famously known for wanting to look like Kim Kardashian! Watch his crazy and hilarious story below: Then, Jana meets with the doctors to discuss the various options on improving her butt. When she explains her past procedure, Dr. Dubrow starts to get the feeling that something extremely sketchy happened… They then head into the exam room with her mom and grandma so the doctors can get a closer look at her situation! Watch: The third and final patient was former 90s rap star, Guillermo Eiland of Bone Thugs n Harmony! After his many years of steroids, the side effects began to cause him to form breasts. The doctors agree to help give him his chest back, but warn him that theyre will be significant scars. He agrees to do it! Then Jordan meets with the doctors and tells them he wants his lips to continue to be plumped, and he wants a nose job to give him a “pinched” look! However, the doctors quickly learn that Jordan”s need to plastic surgery is actually a strange obsession. They go ahead and take him into the exam room, but end up passing on him since he doesn”t have a serious issue concerning his health or well being. But he doesn”t leave without a selfie! During Jana”s surgery, Dr. Dubrow”s hunch becomes reality when he pulls out a breast implant from her butt! Is that a joke?! One of his nurses explains that she”s shocked anyone would ever do that. Jana”s final results however are amazing! Her butt is slimmer and more natural looking, and overall healthier for her, now that the implants are removed. Guillermo”s surgery was also a success! His “man boobs” are no longer existent and he”s got his confidence back. Isn”t that really all that matters?