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October 23, 2014
Georgia sheriff's office decides not to conduct internal steroid investigation
The Richmond County Sheriff AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW) — The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office says they are not investigating deputies and there is no internal investigation after reports of alleged steroid use. Investigators say it all started after an informant hinted deputies might be involved with illegal steroid use. But they say that informant has not named anyone, and he’s actually being investigated for selling and using illegal steroids as well. It all started on social media this morning with multiple reports of a big internal investigation at the Sheriff’s Office. But deputies say that’s not the case. “Sheriff Richard Roundtree has started a major internal investigation concerning reports of steroid abuse among a number of his officers.” That’s what Austin Rhodes reported this morning. But the Sheriff’s Office says that’s not true. They told The Jail Report “That’s completely false.” The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office released a statement later saying they, “Take the matter seriously, but there are no deputies under investigation, and no ongoing internal affairs investigation.” While the sheriff’s office says they are not investigating steroid use in-house, experts we talked to say, steroids are dangerous for people using them, and the people around them. “It is going to be more terrifying because it’s going to be very different than what you see that person acting like normally,” said biochemist and YMCA health and wellness specialist Nick Lloyd. Lloyd has studied the affects of steroids thoroughly, and says not to treat them lightly. “Yes something a little more uncommon. Steroids are a drug. And it’s not mostly thought of because it’s not your most common recreational drug,” he said. And like most drugs, steroids can have serious side effects. “And that aggressiveness from someone in power whether it be a manager or someone you work with they’re going to do and say things that are very aggressive and very unlike themselves normally,” Lloyd said. Experts say there are some clear signs of steroid use. Some of those include are body hair, baldness, and quick muscle development. There would also be elevated levels of testosterone in the blood. Steroids can also be used as medication, so some folks can be prescribed anabolic steroids. The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office also tells News 12, steroids aren’t usually on their radar. In this situation they were tipped off about a potential illegal steroid operation. http://www.wrdw.com/home/headlines/Richmond-County-Sheriffs-Office-says-there-is-no-internal-investigation-over-steroids-279975082.html