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May 23, 2014
Former UFC champ Ken Shamrock: If we remove steroids from sports 'people won't want to turn on their TV anymore'
Former UFC Superfight champion Ken Shamrock doesn’t think you really want steroids banned. “It’s crazy to think people go ‘oh we’re gonna stop it now, now that it’s been going on for fifty years, we’re just gonna completely ban it now’, because I promise you this and I bet you people who understand how many people are using it in sports, they know how badly the athletic level will drop it. It’ll be so bad that people won’t want to turn on the TV anymore because they’re not going to be able to see what there used to seeing,” a passionate Shamrock told Submission Radio. Shamrock, who never denied his own steroid use during his run in the formative years of the UFC, as well as with professional wrestling juggernaut WWE, strongly believes that the level of game play that we have grown accustomed to would be thrown out the window if we completely removed steroids from sports. I think that when people talk about banning the substances, it’s funny because I don’t think people really realise what they’re asking, or what they’re saying,” he said. “If they take these things out of the sports, people are going to be backed up 20 years as far as competitiveness.The athleticism and the strength and the stuff these guys are doing will be dropped significantly and the entertainment value will drop with it, and I don’t really think people realize what they’re asking for. “They’re asking for the value of the entertainment to drop significantly and we’re going to be okay with that? because considering what we’re used to seeing, it’s just not going to be the same. And I think people are saying ‘oh it’ll still be good, it’ll still be this’ I just don’t really believe they understand what it is that they’re really asking for.” The problem, according to the UFC Hall of Famer, is that pro athletes cannot get performance enhancing drug legally, so are forced to find alleyway chemists. “I believe personally that (steroids) were made to help people and their health and I believe there’s a safe level for people to take these kinds of things to help their body recover and be a safe athlete and be able to get in the ring and compete on a safe level and then be able to have their body’s recover enough for them to be normal throughout the week,” he continued. “Rather than having these guys afraid of getting caught, so they won’t go to a doctor, so they won’t get it legally, they go on the black market, they get it because they can’t let anybody know they got it cause then they can lose the ability to fight or their pro card or whatever it is that they’re doing. They’ll get caught, the media will find out, they’ll get banned, they’ll get fined, all these things happen. So they’ll go to the black market and get it and that’s where the problem is, is that they’re getting stuff (with which) they don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t have doctors for their care to help them do it the proper way so that they’re not putting their health at risk. “So that’s the issue right there. I think that If they could somehow find a safe level, make these guys all make sure they got their own doctors to put ’em on it, if they’re gonna go on it to have their own doctors put ’em on it and make sure that the doctors are giving physicals every month, once a month, keeping them at a safe level, I think that’s how you fix the problem,” he concluded. http://mmakanvas.ninemsn.com.au/articles/news/1672/former-ufc-champ-ken-shamrock-if-we-remove-steroids-from-sports-people-wont-want-to-turn-on-their-tv-anymore.html