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January 28, 2015
Former Rugby star Gareth Raynor 'took steroids', rape trial told
ON TRIAL:  Gareth Raynor arrives at Hull Crown Court.
ON TRIAL: Gareth Raynor arrives at Hull Crown Court.
A FORMER Hull FC and Great Britain international accused of raping and slashing a woman with a kitchen knife took steroids in a bid to “bulk up”, it has been claimed. Gareth Raynor, 36, is on trial at Hull Crown Court charged with raping the woman between December 30, 2005, and January 2, 2007.
The rugby league star is also accused of unlawfully wounding the same woman with a knife on April 29, 2000.
Mr Raynor denies both offences.
Yesterday, the jury was shown a recorded interview with the alleged victim, before she was brought into the courtroom for cross- examination.
During the interview, which lasted one hour and 40 minutes, the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, alleged Mr Raynor took drugs to improve his physique prior to his move to Hull FC in 2001.
 The allegation was vigorously denied by Mr Raynor’s counsel.
The alleged victim told a specially trained officer: “He admitted taking steroids. He thought he needed to bulk up and be fast.”
 It was suggested by the victim that the steroids may have caused Mr Raynor to become aggressive.
During cross-examination, Mr Raynor’s lawyer, Felicity Gerry, suggested to the woman that she had confused steroids with a legal “testosterone boost” her client took before 2000.
 “No,” said the woman, speaking from behind a screen. “He told me that he injected steroids into his bum in the changing rooms at Castleford Tigers.”
Miss Gerry followed up with confirmation, not disputed by the prosecution, that Mr Raynor had passed every drugs test while playing for Hull FC.
 The jury was told Mr Raynor was initially paid £18,000 a year by Hull FC, although this sum rose sharply around the same time the Black and Whites lifted the Challenge Cup in 2005, allowing him to buy a Porsche and take luxury foreign holidays.
The woman alleges the rape happened in East Yorkshire following a New Year’s Eve party in 2006.
 However, in a so-called “rape pack” given to jurors, which contains the woman’s statements, she claimed the rape had taken place following a New Year’s Eve party, again in East Yorkshire, in 2005. Miss Gerry questioned the woman about the lack of clarity.
“It’s a long period of time,” said the woman. “It should be significant, the date. But you do lose track.”
 Jurors watched the woman describe the rape to police. She said: “I thought he was messing around. He went totally limp. His whole body weight was pressing down on me. That’s when he started to manoeuvre.
“He got my legs clamped in between his legs. He put his forearm across my throat.
 “I could not actually speak. I was screaming but no noise came out. When I could get noise out it was just ‘No, get off me’.
“I was crying and asked him to stop. He wouldn’t look at me. It was horrible. He made me feel so weak.”
 The jury of eight men and four women were asked to view photographs, which apparently showed an injury to the woman’s thigh caused by a knife.
The photograph was taken 13 years after the injury was allegedly inflicted, the jury was told.
 “The pain caused me to black out and I have lost large chunks of memory,” said the woman.
Prosecutor Matthew Bean told the jury how Mr Raynor apparently “slashed” the woman with the knife.
Miss Gerry offered a different account. “There was an argument,” she said. “You were shouting at each other. You punched him in the face and he pushed you back.”
 “No,” replied the woman.
Miss Gerry suggested Mr Raynor had gone to leave the scene, but the woman had threatened to cut herself.
 “You had the knife positioned on your thigh. He said something like, ‘Dare you to do it’. You cut yourself. It happened when he tried to get the knife from you.”
“No, that did not happen,” said the woman.
 The trial continues.
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