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September 17, 2015
Football: UEFA announce new anti-doping measures ahead of Euro 2016
UEFA have announced new anti-doping measures including the introduction of a biological passport to identify steroid use. Long-term sample storage to permit retrospective identification of prohibited substances will also be implemented and UEFA will continue its comprehensive blood and urine testing programme. In advance of Euro 2016, UEFA have confirmed they will conduct the largest pre-tournament testing programme ever implemented. “First of all I want to tell you that doping control and the fight against doping is an absolute top priority both for the medical commission of FIFA and UEFA,” FIFA and UEFA medical committee chairman Michel D’Hooghe told Sky Sports News HQ. “UEFA wants to start with pre-tournament out-of-competition doping control, blood as well as urine, precisely with the intention of controlling all the players and to establish a biological passport for all of the players. “It is nothing new but it confirms our will to make football a sport without doping.” D’Hooghe said steroid use is not UEFA’s only worry, rather it is one of a number of sources of concern for European Football’s governing body. “It is one of the problems we can meet,” he said. “We can meet problems in the hematological field as well as the steroids field. So we are trying to be ready to attack all of these problems and of course, the fight against steroids doping is of course one of the most important ones.” UEFA conducts over 2,000 drug tests each season across all of its competitions. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/12040/9986851/uefa-announce-new-anti-doping-measures-ahead-of-euro-2016