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September 18, 2014
Florida TV Station provided great coverage of one of our clinics


By Romney Smith

Steroids is not a party drug and you can’t get high, because it’s an achievement drug. The Clay County school district is stepping up training to make sure everyone in a sports uniform is on an equal playing field. Jacob Moore is a senior football player at Ridgeview High School and says he’s concerned over other players using steroids. “I know how my football team has worked all summer, all off season to get where we are and it’s a real big disadvantage when some kids take em,” said Jacob. Dozens of athletic directors and coaches across Clay County participated in a training seminar to help them learn about pre and post workout supplements, identify new forms of steroids and recognize athletes who may be taking them. “I didn’t know as much about the topic as I thought I did. But I also learned that there is so much more involved in this situation that kids need to be aware of,” said Orange Park High School football coach Craig Nosse. Brian Parker travels the U.S. talking to coaches, athletes, and everyday people to emphasize one main message. “The numbers as far as high school usage, university usage, all the way down to middle school continue to rise so we’re trying to teach these coaches and administrators what this stuff really is, what it can do to them, and how to prevent some of these issues,” said Parker, with the Taylor Hooton Foundation. Experts say they target coaches because athletes tend to gravitate towards supplements and steroids. They also add the fastest-growing group using steroids is teenage girls. Coaches also discussed health concerns associated with the supplements and steroids. Parents and students are invited to attend the informational meeting Wednesday from 6:30 – 8 p.m. at Ridgeview High School.
– See more at: http://m.actionnewsjax.com/news/news/local/experts-fastest-growing-group-using-steroids-are-g/nhPYD/#sthash.4o5ft4u1.dpuf