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April 9, 2013
Ferret on steroids: sold as a poodle (no kidding!)
o longer an urban myth: People in the Argentinian market of La Salada are being sold ferrets (Brazilian rats - right) given steroids so that they resemble toy poodles A man from Argentina thought he purchased two poodles from an outdoor market recently, but found out that they were actually ferrets pumped up on steroids, according to a report by The Daily Mail on April 8. Evidently, naive bargain hunters at one of Argentina’s biggest bazaars are spending hundreds of dollars for what they believe are adorable little poodles, but they are ferrets. One man from Catamarca became suspicious about his new “puppies” and took them to a vet for their vaccinations. He knew he had paid an incredible price for the poodles but had no idea they were actually what people from Argentina call a “Brazilian rat.” The vet told the man that he was right and that they were indeed ferrets that were fed steroids at birth in order to increase their size. Then, additional grooming was performed in order to make the ferrets look more like fluffy toy poodles.
This 'Brazilian rat' was fed steroids at birth and groomed so that it resembled a toy poodle
It was formerly thought of as an urban legend of the giant La Salada market. A local television news station found out that the unidentified man wasn’t the only one tricked. Another woman had been told she was purchasing a Chihuahua, when it was actually a ferret.