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August 13, 2021
Famous Bodybuilder John Meadows Is Dead at 49, but What Was His Cause of Death?
John Meadows

Famous Bodybuilder John Meadows Is Dead at 49, but What Was His Cause of Death?


AUG. 9 2021, PUBLISHED 9:40 A.M. ET

Following an announcement from his family, fans are still dealing with the news that famous bodybuilder John Meadows, who was also known as “Mountain Dog,” is dead at 49. Plenty of fans weighed in to offer their condolences for his family as they deal with the loss, but some also wondered what happened to John that ultimately led to his death at a relatively young age.Article continues below advertisementhttps://fa4bd25b3d4b73eabb0aa4d8647120f5.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

What happened to John Meadows?

On the family’s Facebook page, they broke the news that John had died, saying that it had come as a shock to his entire family. “John passed away unexpectedly and peacefully in their home,” the statement said. “As you can imagine, this is a complete shock to her (his wife, Mary) and the boys. She will update as soon as she can. Please know she is very thankful for all the prayers and support she knows her and the boys will receive from you all.”

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What was John Meadows’ cause of death?

The statement on Facebook didn’t say what John’s official cause of death was, and it’s unclear whether it was related to any of the health problems that he’s experienced in the past. Mary announced last year that John had suffered from a heart attack, and although the exact cause of the attack was unknown, she said that it may have been caused by a clotting disorder in his blood.

Even prior to his heart attack, John had already made it known that he suffered from a rare colon disorder that had already nearly taken his life. He was in the hospital when his colon burst, and he said that if he hadn’t been so close to doctors at the time, he would have died.

“If I hadn’t been in the hospital, I wouldn’t have survived,” he told Great Physique.

“They didn’t figure out what was really wrong until they did a biopsy. It was a vascular disease in a particular vein in the sigmoid part of my colon.”

In spite of his health problems, John continued to compete in bodybuilding competitions until quite recently. His death leaves a massive hole in the world of bodybuilding, and in his personal life.

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