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November 20, 2014
by:  GetOffTheRoids “I woke up one morning and nearly had a heart attack at the sight of myself, my nipples were the size of sand dollars” This is just what happened to Craig Davidson, the author of the novel, The Fighter, who began injecting steroids to get a first hand account of what steroid use was like. I stumbled on this article, originally posted by Esquire magazine, back in 2010. Yet it is nonetheless, still relevant. Ask anyone about steroids and they will tell you that steroids shrink testicles, but not many people know that they also turn even the most manly-looking of men into someone who is curvy and Cosmopolitan-magazine-cover worthy. Adding to the ever growing list of the negative effects of taking steroids is the enlargement of breast tissue in men causing well, to put it bluntly, breasts. The official term for this occurring is gynecomastia, which is actually an endocrine disorder, causing serious enlargement of breast tissue in males. It’s generally common in newborn babies and occasionally in teenage boys as they begin going through puberty. Cute in kids, but as a man, it is kind of odd considering the men taking anabolic steroids are doing it to enhance their muscles and their “manly” physique. How does this happen? First off, estrogen is actually a steroid hormone. Think of it this way, the standard ratio of testosterone to estrogen in a normal, healthy male is 100:1. When a healthy male begins using steroids, the steroids activate and increase the testosterone in their body. Muscles right? Right. But the body actually responds by increasing estrogen in the body. What happens is exactly what happened to Davidson – nipples begin to swell up, breasts develop, your nipples and breasts become sensitive causing you not just discomfort at having to worry about growing breasts, but also pain. It’s even worse for young boys who are still in their teens. Steroids not only increase breast development, but they actually stunt bone growth (Lacayo et al, 2000). Nevertheless, there actually is no cure to breast development in men. The only option readily available is getting cosmetic surgery. Other than that, the only way to stop the situation from growing (pun intended) is to stop using them all together. So, either #getofftheroids or start going bra-shopping! http://getofftheroids.wordpress.com/2014/10/05/exploring-the-link-between-steroids-and-bras/